Peat and veganism Pt.3

The core issue with a vegan diet has to be the lack of easily digestible protein. This issue can be compounded by a reliance on commercial, packaged ‘vegan’ products. However, a vegan diet is probably fine in a state of low stress. Say you’re a healthy adult who’s getting plenty of sun, and doesn’t haveContinue reading “Peat and veganism Pt.3”

Peat and veganism Pt. 2

SeeĀ Peat and veganism As mentioned in the previous note, the main guidelines of eating according to Ray Peat’s ideas is to eat the foods which promote an optimal rate of metabolism (as indicated by body temperature and pulse which should tend towards 98.6F and 85 respectively) Other important considerations involve a sufficient amount of proteinContinue reading “Peat and veganism Pt. 2”

Peat and veganism

I’ve been pondering on the ways to reconcile a Peat-type diet and abstaining from the consumption of animal products. Not an easy thing. That being said, as per the man himself there isn’t such a thing as a diet ”approved by Ray Peat”. His main recommendation is to eat to increase the rate of metabolismContinue reading “Peat and veganism”