Vitamin A and Thyroid: Selected quotes from The Thyroid (1951) by McGavack & Winfield

We have much to learn from older physiology textbooks. They are often a source of invaluable knowledge which has been lost/abandoned over the last decades of the 20th century. A book such as McGavack’s The Thyroid, that provides traditional medical knowledge about thyroid physiology, can help to dispel some of the current dogmas about the thyroid. –Continue reading “Vitamin A and Thyroid: Selected quotes from The Thyroid (1951) by McGavack & Winfield”

Grant Genereux and Vitamin A Pt.1

Grant Genereux has written a couple books on the supposed toxicity of Vitamin A. His most recent, Poisoning for Profits, is a well written and researched piece arguing that vitamin A is a toxin, behind most auto-immune diseases. It’s become somewhat of a hot topic in the health/nutrition community over the past year. I don’tContinue reading “Grant Genereux and Vitamin A Pt.1”

Peat and veganism Pt. 2

SeeĀ Peat and veganism As mentioned in the previous note, the main guidelines of eating according to Ray Peat’s ideas is to eat the foods which promote an optimal rate of metabolism (as indicated by body temperature and pulse which should tend towards 98.6F and 85 respectively) Other important considerations involve a sufficient amount of proteinContinue reading “Peat and veganism Pt. 2”