Peat and veganism Pt.3

The core issue with a vegan diet has to be the lack of easily digestible protein. This issue can be compounded by a reliance on commercial, packaged ‘vegan’ products. However, a vegan diet is probably fine in a state of low stress. Say you’re a healthy adult who’s getting plenty of sun, and doesn’t haveContinue reading “Peat and veganism Pt.3”

Dried figs, morning fruits & coffee

I was in Tunisia recently, and over there I had lots of dried figs coated in olive oil. I found them quite delicious, especially for breakfast. In fact, coffee and dried fruits have become my adaptation of a Peat breakfast. You get calories, sugar, antioxidants and vitamins with little to no digestive inhibitors and itContinue reading “Dried figs, morning fruits & coffee”

Magnesium and bruxism (teeth grinding)

Bruxism runs in my family. I tend to grind my teeth most nights. It never used to be a big deal for me growing up, but now in my adult years, it’s causing all sorts of issues that closely resemble TMJ symptoms: stiff jaw, enlarged/inflamed cheekbones, temporal pain, hearing troubles etc. If you want toContinue reading “Magnesium and bruxism (teeth grinding)”