Grant Genereux and vitamin A Pt. 2

As was mentioned in the previous article, Grant Genereux has written extensively on the topic of the ”toxicity” of vitamin A, and has, at the very least, managed to seriously question its ”essentiality”. ( From my perspective, it seems that much of the toxic effects attributed to vitamin A are really caused by the polyunsaturatedContinue reading “Grant Genereux and vitamin A Pt. 2”

Grant Genereux and Vitamin A Pt.1

Grant Genereux has written a couple books on the supposed toxicity of Vitamin A. His most recent, Poisoning for Profits, is a well written and researched piece arguing that vitamin A is a toxin, behind most auto-immune diseases. It’s become somewhat of a hot topic in the health/nutrition community over the past year. I don’tContinue reading “Grant Genereux and Vitamin A Pt.1”

Localized hair regrowth therapies based on scientific research

Surprisingly, there is a good deal of research showing real results for hair regrowth in men from a variety of approaches. Outside of the typical folk remedies and conventional drugs which are dangerous, it seems possible to regrow hair with a with localized therapies. Here are 5 applications with references. 1) Liquid caffeine solution. YouContinue reading “Localized hair regrowth therapies based on scientific research”

(Losing) Weight and Metabolism

  Key idea: Muscles are well equipped to oxidize fat, as opposed to other tissues, which absolutely need sugar to function. Losing weight is not a mindless process of restricting calories. The hip approach for several decades already has been to ”burn fat”, but I don’t think there’s anything safe about that process of ketosisContinue reading “(Losing) Weight and Metabolism”

Peat and veganism Pt.3

The core issue with a vegan diet has to be the lack of easily digestible protein. This issue can be compounded by a reliance on commercial, packaged ‘vegan’ products. However, a vegan diet is probably fine in a state of low stress. Say you’re a healthy adult who’s getting plenty of sun, and doesn’t haveContinue reading “Peat and veganism Pt.3”

Peat and veganism Pt. 2

SeeĀ Peat and veganism As mentioned in the previous note, the main guidelines of eating according to Ray Peat’s ideas is to eat the foods which promote an optimal rate of metabolism (as indicated by body temperature and pulse which should tend towards 98.6F and 85 respectively) Other important considerations involve a sufficient amount of proteinContinue reading “Peat and veganism Pt. 2”

Vitamin K2 and Blood Pressure

In one episode of Generative Energy (hosted by Danny Roddy on youtube), Ray Peat mentioned that high dosages of vitamin K2 (40-50mg a day) were quite effective at regulating blood pressure numbers over 1-2 weeks. This is especially important if your systolic/diastolic difference is quite large, like a 50-70 difference. For the first time inContinue reading “Vitamin K2 and Blood Pressure”