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“Hair loss, like obesity or hypertension, should be taken seriously, as an indication of a systemic metabolic problem. The metabolism of the hair follicle contains clues to aging, tissue regeneration, and cancer.”

Ray Peat, Adaptogenic Milk, September 2017

“Nothing in biology is more provocative than suggesting that Jean-Baptiste Lamarck may have been right.”

Trygve Tollefsbol (2014). Transgenerational Epigenetics: Evidence and Debate

“The ability of an environmental factor or toxicant to promote a phenotype or disease state not only to the individual exposed, but also in the subsequent progeny for multiple generations, is termed transgenerational inheritance.”

“The majority of environmental agents do not promote genetic mutations or alterations in DNA sequence, but do have the capacity to alter the epigenome.”

Skinner & Guerrero-Bosagna (2009) – Environmental signals and transgenerational epigenetics

Nutrient deficiency of long standing may create an exaggerated need for the missing nutrient, a need not met by dietary intakes or even by low-dose supplementation.

Andrew W. Saul (2004) – Vitamin Dependency (Journal of Orthomolecular Medecine, Vol. 19, No. 2, p. 67-70)

In experimental or clinical conditions associated with an increase in the amount of thyroid hormone, as, for instance, in thyrotoxicosis, there is simultaneously an increased need for vitamin A (Sure and Buchanan, 1937; Logaras and Drummond; 1938; Wegelin, 1939; Remington, Harris, and Smith, 1942; Mandelbaum, Candel, and Millman, 1942; Interrelations between thyroid function and vitamin metabolism, 1944).

Conversely, thyroidectomized animals apparently need less vitamin A than normal animals (Remington, Harris, and Smith, 1942; Drill, 1943; Wiese, Mehl, and Deuel, 1948).

McGavack & Winfield – The Thyroid (1951)

If an organism’s “essence is contained in its genes,” then it clearly doesn’t interact in any meaningful way with most of its environment.

Ray Peat – Aging Eyes, Infant Eyes, and Excitable Tissues

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