Dried figs, morning fruits & coffee

I was in Tunisia recently, and over there I had lots of dried figs coated in olive oil. I found them quite delicious, especially for breakfast. In fact, coffee and dried fruits have become my adaptation of a Peat breakfast. You get calories, sugar, antioxidants and vitamins with little to no digestive inhibitors and itContinue reading “Dried figs, morning fruits & coffee”

Magnesium and bruxism (teeth grinding)

Bruxism runs in my family. I tend to grind my teeth most nights. It never used to be a big deal for me growing up, but now in my adult years, it’s causing all sorts of issues that closely resemble TMJ symptoms: stiff jaw, enlarged/inflamed cheekbones, temporal pain, hearing troubles etc. If you want toContinue reading “Magnesium and bruxism (teeth grinding)”

On high doses of vitamin C

Try searching for information on mega doses of vitamin C (or any vitamin in general), and you’ll likely find plenty of the usual stuff and news articles about the dangers of taking supplemental vitamins, of the importance of sticking to the RDA and simply focusing on eating well… And most of it is pure B.S.Continue reading “On high doses of vitamin C”

Hearing loss (reversing)

There isn’t much info out on there on the idea of reversing existing hearing loss. The conventional approach is to avoid loud noises and have an adequate nutrition (meaning nutritionally replete in terms of minerals and vitamins), but aside from that, it’s almost all anecdotal. In recent years, there have been numerous reports of aContinue reading “Hearing loss (reversing)”

Peat and veganism

I’ve been pondering on the ways to reconcile a Peat-type diet and abstaining from the consumption of animal products. Not an easy thing. That being said, as per the man himself there isn’t such a thing as a diet ”approved by Ray Peat”. His main recommendation is to eat to increase the rate of metabolismContinue reading “Peat and veganism”