A Review of Coconut’s Health Benefits, 2020: on Cancer, Dementia, Metabolism, Mitochondria (or: The Coconut Oil Conundrum)

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The intermittent reminder of just how misled and unaware the public is of basic nutritional principles that can save their lives is an encouragement to continue writing about them.

I spoke to an elderly woman whose husband’s Alzheimer’s has progressed to hallucinations and childlike cognition. She and her family are wealthy and have come together to support him, yet the “best care around” from medical doctors has been medication that apparently calms down the agitation that started when he got sick. In other words, the best that mainstream medicine has to offer for Alzheimer’s, even to the wealthy, is a tranquilizer as the brain continues to deteriorate.

The woman was shocked and excited when I told her about the possible aid of coconut oil for dementia patients. I informed her of the news story that circulated in 2012 about the neurologist, Dr. Mary Newport, who fed coconut oil to…

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