Vitamin K2 and Blood Pressure

In one episode of Generative Energy (hosted by Danny Roddy on youtube), Ray Peat mentioned that high dosages of vitamin K2 (40-50mg a day) were quite effective at regulating blood pressure numbers over 1-2 weeks. This is especially important if your systolic/diastolic difference is quite large, like a 50-70 difference.

For the first time in my life, I’m getting consistent readings of around 150-70. So I will experiment with K2 and let’s see if it proves useful.

Experiment update: It does work, BP back to normal. 

Note: Health Natura has a very potent k2 product. It’s impossible to get a therapeutic dose of k2 with the mcg doses found in common k2 supplements

2 thoughts on “Vitamin K2 and Blood Pressure

    1. Hey Paul, it worked but it wasn’t a quick fix for me.

      It took about a month of more calcium from milk, sunshine, thyroid supplement and the supplemental K2 to fix the blood pressure problems.
      I haven’t had an issue with it since however, and turns out I was really ill then though so take that into account.

      It’s been almost a year and I feel good now. I really recommend taking K2, it’s really important, especially when taking aspirin.


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