ADHD therapy with Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

I first heard of Vitamin B3 and its therapeutic effects from reading the works of Abram Hoffer (1917-2009). He’s quite famous in the field of orthomolecular medecine for his treatment of psychiatric disorders with nutritional therapy. (i.e. large doses of vitamins and minerals). Vitamin B3 seems to have a profound calming effect. Niacinamide is the preferred formulation for relief of anxiety, restlessnesss and any kind of stress really. A dosage of 3000 mg, divided in 250mg doses throughout the day, seems to be quite effective. (Cutting tablets works well here)

Therefore it’s not surprising that niacinamide would be so helpful for the wide range of conditions diagnosed as ”ADHD”. Not being able to focus on tasks and consistently switching from one thing to an other, stuck in the superficial, is not a recipe for rewarding and deep work. (To coin the phrase popularized by Cal Newport)

A therapeutic trial of niacinamide in multiple divided doses of 250-500 mg throughout the day for anywhere between 1000-3000mg per day is evidently very safe and could do wonders to increase productivity. As a treatment of overactive children, it would surely be safer than Ritalin or similar drugs. As always, start small and progressively increase the dosage until symptoms are gone.

For more info:

Niacin (another form of B3) is also effective but causes an histamine flush on the skin that I don’t personally find comfortable at all. It is nonetheless harmless and the flush does goes away after a few days. Once reason to take Niacin instead of Niacinamide is that Niacin also offers powerful cholesterol-reducing benefits.

A great book to learn more about orthomolecular medecine and vitamin b3 in particular, is Orthomolecular Medecine for Everyone by Andrew Saul and Abram Hoffer

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