Magnesium and bruxism (teeth grinding)

Bruxism runs in my family. I tend to grind my teeth most nights.

It never used to be a big deal for me growing up, but now in my adult years, it’s causing all sorts of issues that closely resemble TMJ symptoms: stiff jaw, enlarged/inflamed cheekbones, temporal pain, hearing troubles etc.

If you want to try tracking your bruxism there are I a couple good apps out there (the one I use is called Do I grind (or snore)? I think)

The intensity of the grinding fluctuates, but I’ve got it pretty bad. I’ve never really been able to stop it for extended periods of time, but there are two things I’ve found to be more effective than anything else at stopping or at least severely reducing the intensity of the grinding:

  • Sunlight
  • Magnesium

I don’t get much sun, year round, to be honest. It’s a big issue. That being said, on the few days where I did get really high amount of sun exposures (meaning: a few hours outside, but without burning), I ended up no grinding my teeth very little if at all.

Magnesium, when taken in sufficient amounts (>500mg), seems to have a similar effect. I personally combine topical magnesium oil and tablets. This is not entirely surprising, as magnesium is a potent muscle relaxant, and probably helps prevent clenching. Any stress reducing activity should help really, but magnesium has been far more effective than let’s say meditation for my purposes. This is in my mind a treatment avenue worth exploring.

Edit: I think it makes sense to consider bruxism as an inherited physiological state (response) to some kind of stress (emotional, nutritional, environmental etc.). I think by making a sufficient effort to change the environment, it is possible to overcome the inherited tendencies. The problem is being consistent with it, to ensure lasting change.

Magnesium/bruxism post on reddit

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