Dried figs, morning fruits & coffee

I was in Tunisia recently, and over there I had lots of dried figs coated in olive oil. I found them quite delicious, especially for breakfast.

In fact, coffee and dried fruits have become my adaptation of a Peat breakfast. You get calories, sugar, antioxidants and vitamins with little to no digestive inhibitors and it requires no preparation, so you can bring it to work and eat it during the first hour of your day. I used to love a traditional breakfast involving eggs, and I still do, but it’s just not appealing to me as the first meal of the day anymore.

Bananas (of course), are also a good choice because they’re readily available year round and I can easily eat 4-5 bananas as a breakfast. Again the benefits are calories, sugar, good nutrients and easy digestion. Coffee makes for good combination as a useful metabolism booster, and the sugar in the fruits helps to prevent an adverse reaction to the caffeine (see the link below Coffee done right)

My favorites (organic if possible): dried figs, abricots, mangoes and dates. The obvious benefits of dried fruits is that they’re available even in the dead of winter.

Coffee done right – Function Alps

Dried figs in olive oil

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