Peat and veganism

I’ve been pondering on the ways to reconcile a Peat-type diet and abstaining from the consumption of animal products.

Not an easy thing.

That being said, as per the man himself there isn’t such a thing as a diet ”approved by Ray Peat”. His main recommendation is to eat to increase the rate of metabolism (as measured by pulse and body temperature).

Danny Roddy, one of the “Peat masters”, mentions eating ”highly nutritious (read: nutrition-dense) foodstuffs with few digestive inhibitors.”

This is where the problem lies with regards to a vegan diet. Beans, seeds, grains and nuts are staples but are also subpar in terms of digestibility and aren’t necessarily dense in terms of minerals, vitamins and protein.

Now there is a case for soaking, sprouting and fermenting grains and that does improve digestibility, especially in the case of young sprouts (i.e. alfafa, sunflower etc.) , but that is a discussion for another day.

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