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A Review of Coconut’s Health Benefits, 2020: on Cancer, Dementia, Metabolism, Mitochondria (or: The Coconut Oil Conundrum)

Originally posted on Become Something New:
The intermittent reminder of just how misled and unaware the public is of basic nutritional principles that can save their lives is an encouragement to continue writing about them.? I spoke to an elderly woman whose husband’s Alzheimer’s has progressed to hallucinations and childlike cognition. She and her family…

Vitamin A and Thyroid: Selected quotes from The Thyroid (1951) by McGavack & Winfield

We have much to learn from older physiology textbooks. They are often a source of invaluable knowledge which has been lost/abandoned over the last decades of the 20th century. A book such as McGavack’s The Thyroid, that provides traditional medical knowledge about thyroid physiology, can help to dispel some of the current dogmas about the thyroid. –Continue reading “Vitamin A and Thyroid: Selected quotes from The Thyroid (1951) by McGavack & Winfield”

Grant Genereux and vitamin A Pt. 2

As was mentioned in the previous article, Grant Genereux has written extensively on the topic of the ”toxicity” of vitamin A, and has, at the very least, managed to seriously question its ”essentiality”. ( From my perspective, it seems that much of the toxic effects attributed to vitamin A are really caused by the polyunsaturatedContinue reading “Grant Genereux and vitamin A Pt. 2”